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  1. A teenager.
    • 1952, American Psychological Association, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association (1952), p. 159,
      "[…] adult periods and emphasizes the importance of the total teener in a social milieu."
    • a1968, Upton Sinclair, When I Was a Teener.
    • 1975, Fely J. Cruz, I Married a Newspaperman: A Collection of Articles, Verses and Short Stories, T. F. Valencia (1975), p. 1923,
      "To a Teener Celebrating Her Last Teen Year"
    • 2000, George Harmon Smith, Education is Broken, But I Will Help You Fix It!: Hundreds of Tips to Help Your Child Through the Maze, Xlibris Corporation (2000), p. 42,
      "Also, warn your teener that in this age of undisciplined classrooms, they are unlikely to have a teacher who demands that the class obey—(the major reason why European and Japanese school children score so much higher on ANY test than American kids)."
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